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Whelping Services

Today's breeding practices are very different than it was years ago. Many years ago breeders left their bitches to whelp their own youngins without the assistance of humans. Today it is not so cut and dried. Today we as breeders almost always "must" be with our bitches during the time she is whelping her litter.  Puppies get stuck, bitches stop contractions as well as other issues that can arrise during the whelping of puppies. Without human interaction it could cost the bitch her life as well as the puppies. When planning a breeding we have to plan our schedule around our bitches due dates but for some of us things just come up where it makes it almost impossible to be home with your girl when she's ready to whelp her litter.  I've whelped many litters for other breeders due to "Something Came Up" or "We have a Paid for Vacation that we can not put off" as well as,  "Its my first litter, I don't know what to do or I'm scared to do it myself". This is where I offer my services as the "Mid-Woof". 


I've been whelping litters since 2001. Over the years I've learned new techniques that have helped save a puppy's life.  Although my breed is Pugs they are a difficult breed because they are Brachycephalic (flat faced dogs), but I've had great success in their whelpings and in all these years I can count on one hand how many babies didn't make it.  As much as it is very disheartening, it is very rewarding to whelp a litter that thrives knowing the next gereration has entered the Dog World !!



Services Offered


Whelping the litter at the Whelping Den (my place) pricing depends on the breed.


Toy Breed  $1000 Small & Medium Breed

Momma is brought over to my place 3 days before her due date, this is to get the momma comfortable with the surroundings.  Momma will remain in my care till 24 hours after her babies are born.


Emergency Whelping: $1500

(Emergency consist of booking the whelping within 24 hours)


If you would like their dew claws removed puppies and momma will remain in my care till they are 6 days old. Dew Claws are removed between 3 and 5 days, with a 24 hour watch period.

The price for dew claw removal is $10 per puppy.


Puppies that remain in my care with momma for more than the initial needed time:

$350 week plus expenses.


Expenses can include: Vet Checks, worming, Vaccinations, medications, products, food, vitamins, etc,


Home Visits:


Whelping a litter of puppies in your home within 25 miles cost the same as whelping in my place unless you do not have the proper supplies, therefore additional charges may apply for supplies.  If you are over 25 miles the cost of travel time, gas and tolls (if needed) will apply.  Booking within 24 hours is considered an emergency whelping priced at $300 over the cost of our scheduled service.


To book your whelping I require a $300 non refundable deposit which can be paid by Venmo The balance must be paid when you drop off your bitch or I arrive at your place and it must be paid in cash.


Emergency C-Sections are additional which is paid to the Vet of "Your" choice. Should you need a recommendation for a vet to section your bitch I will gladly refer you to an experienced vet that has experience in C-Sections.


What you need to bring with you when dropping your bitch off:


Food that she is currently on

Any supplements

Something that belongs to you that could be placed with her

and a Valid Credit Card that will be kept on file for an "emergency c-section only" 

credit card information is destroyed after a c section IF the section is required.






















Additional Services:

Progesterone Test    $60 Same Day Results  

Semen Analysis       $ 100 

Artificial Insemination  $70 

Transcervical Insemination  (TCI)   $350

Ultrasound      $40



For questions or to book your whelping date you can Email: or call: 732-298-1610






​Bred for Health, Temperament, Soundness, Movement and Beauty .
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