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Questions and Answers:


I put a deposit on a puppy, can I visit my new baby? 

Yes you can visit your new baby but not until the puppy is 6 weeks of age and has their 1st Parvo Shot.


I want to put a deposit on a puppy, is my deposit refundable? 

All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. This is why we ask are you absolutely sure purchasing a puppy is the right think at the time. 


If for some unforseen reason I can not take possession of the puppy after giving my deposit, can that deposit be used towards a future puppy?

Yes, if for any reason you can not take the puppy after you already placed a deposit on one you can use that deposit towards a puppy from one of my future litters.


If I can not get a puppy after I give you my deposit and I want to hold off getting a puppy from one of your future litter, is there a time limit on when I can use my deposit towards one of your future litters? 

No there is no time limit, you can get a puppy from any of my future litters should one be available. 


I would like to meet the breeder, see the parents and the puppy, can I do that? 

Absolutely, I want to meet everyone that gets a puppy from me. Getting to know the family that is going to be adding one of my babies to their family is very important. I also ​encourage the family to meet the parents. Although in some cases I might not have the sire to the litter if I go outside my breeding program, but the bitch/mother will always  be here for you to meet. 


Why do I have to wait until the puppy has a Parvo Shot? 

Parvo is the abbreviated term for Canine Parvovirus. The disease caused by this virus is much more common in puppies than in adult dogs because it thrives on the developing cells of the growing pup. The virus tends to congregate in the dog's intestinal tract, leading to digestive upset and inhibiting the production of infection fighting white blood cells. It is the most widespread lethal viral infection among domestic dogs. It can even lead to heart failure. It is worth noting, the parvovirus is completely avoidable with the application of a simple vaccine. When Parvovirus is present, it generally affects the digestive tract. Infecteddogs  will be unable to absorb fluids. This leads to severe diarrhea, which is often bloody, yellowish in color and extremely rank. Other common parvo symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite, sluggishness and fever. On average, puppies and dogs begin to show symptoms within 24 to 48 hours after being exposed to the virus.  


Canine parvovirus is highly contagious and is transmitted through the fecal matter of an infected animal or a carrier, though carriers generally do not exhibit any symptoms of the disease. The virus can survive in the environment for up to 5 months and is able to endure a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Additionally, parvo is resistant to most disinfectants and can be readily transferred to a number of surfaces. For example, if you stand in the place where a dog with parvovirus has recently defecated, there is a high probability of you bringing the virus home on your shoes.


Because we do not know if we are carrying parvo it is better to be safe and allow visitors after the puppies have been vaccinated for this deadly virus. 


I have hear that some breeders let their puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age, why do I have to wait till 12 weeks to bring my puppy home? 


I do not let my puppies go to their new homes without the propper vaccinations, training and socialization. My puppies are vaccinated for Parvo at 6 weeks of age, 8 weeks of age they get DHPP2 and 12 weeks they get another DHPP2 shot.  Once they have completed their 12 week shot I will take them to my vet for their final physical exam and health clearance then they are ready to go to their new homes.  


I would like to pick out my own puppy, why does the breeder have to pick my puppy for me? 


When I do a breeding I breed for myself hoping to produce a puppy that I can take into the Show Ring. I get first Pick to show, any puppies that are not going to show homes will be placed in companion homes. Since I am raising the puppy and know the personality inside and out, I pick the puppy that I feel is best suited for you and your family.   In all the years I've been breeding I have never had a family that said they were not happy with their puppy. 


Do you have references? 


Absolutely, I furnish references upon request for serious inquires only. 



If I have questions after I take my puppy home can I call you? 


Most definately, I encourrage everyone to keep my number handy. I am here for life time support for all the puppies I place. This is also in my  puppy purchase contract. 



​Bred for Health, Temperament, Soundness, Movement and Beauty .
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