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Purchase Policy

Siena Rose Pugs takes pride in our breeding program and the pugs we show, therefore we have our strict guidlines when purchasing a puppy from us.


If you are not serious about having a pug puppy join your family or for showing, please do not fill out the application. 


1St you MUST fill out our application in its entirety unless it does NOT apply to you, therefore you must put N/A, References apply to EVERYONE, I will not consider any application that is not completely filled in with the references.


2nd, once I receive your application I WILL check your references. 


3rd. After I check your references I will follow up with a phone call to you. At this time both of us can ask additional questions. I will answer ALL your questions and concerns. After all this is a life long commitment and I want the best for my puppies as well as their new parents/owners. 


4th. Before making a commitment I strongly suggest we set up a date and time for you to come visit the parents, keep in mind in some cases If I go outside of my breeding program and use an outside sire, he would not be here but the bitch/mother will always be here. Meeting the bitch will take place in my home or at a dog show, this will depend on my schedule. 


5th. IF together we decide one of my puppies is the right decision for you and your family and you would like to move forward, you would need to place a deposit to hold a puppy for you. 


6th Once the puppy is 6 weeks old I do encourage prospective buyers to visit the puppy as frequent as possible. If you feel you are too far for frequent visits that's ok but you MUST see the puppy before taking possession.  I will not ever send a puppy to his or her new home without the buyers meeting the puppy. 

If you live out of State you would still need to pick up your puppy in person, unless you have a close family member act on your behalf, otherwise we  MUST MEET FACE TO FACE with the puppy in hand before you can take possession. Bottom Line: Every buyer or family member acting on your behalf must personally observe their animal before taking possession of their pet. 


These guidelines are for YOUR benifit as well as mine.  EXAMPLE: there have been many horror stories about families purchasing a puppy via pictures over the internet and when the puppy is transported to them the puppy they get in hand is NOT the puppy they picked out of a picture.  (This has also happen to me in 2002)

I MAKE sure this is never an issue with any of my puppy buyers.  Once you have one of my puppies I am here for you, your family and your new puppy for life. 


These guidelines do not apply to Breeders/Exhibitors



​Bred for Health, Temperament, Soundness, Movement and Beauty .
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