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Questions and Answers

This is a must read, it will help you understand WHY a Quality Healthy Puppy bred to AKC Standards cost so much. If price is an issue my suggestion is going to your local animal shelter and rescue a dog. Many dogs are in need of good loving forever homes. You will be saving a life !

One of the first questions asked is, How much are you pugs and Why do pure bred dogs cost so much ?


Companion puppies range in price from $3500 to $4500, If you are looking for a bargain this would not be a good time to look for a pet. Your new puppy will be a life long commitment, and an extended member of your family. When picking a new furry family member you want a "Healthy, Well Socialized Sound Puppy". Hunting for a bargain will only result in broken hearts and deep pockets.

Here you will be able to recognize  the difference in what you will get from a Responsible , Loving and Caring Breeder as opposed to someone that puts their male & female in a room in hopes of getting a litter to make a few extra bucks.

A Responsible breeder will only breed two Healthy Sound dogs, the two that they choose will be of AKC Standards, they will be involved in Showing their Dogs that are worthy of reproducing for their next show dog. When looking at puppies from a responsible breeder and a BYB (backyard breeder) it is clearly obvious that their is a tremendous difference between the two. 

Here is what you will get from a Responsible Breeder and a BYB.

The 4 pictures below are images of both Adult Pugs and Pug Puppies. These are the results of Responsible Breeding. 

The slide show below are what you get from a BYB, NOTE: One of these puppies is what they call a Brindle Pug, Brindle Colors are NOT AKC Standards. Brindle Pugs are a result of Cross Breeding. They are NOT Pure Bred Pugs. Any Pug of Color is a cross of Pugs and Boston, as well as Pugs and White French Bull Dogs to create what they call RARE WHITE PUGS.

Click the slide show to view 4 Images of puppies that are the result of putting any two pugs together without any concern for the Pedigrees of the parents, Health and Soundness. These 4 puppies will have a life time of health problems, they will cost their owners thousands of $$ and in most cases end up in a Shelter or Rescue because their families can not afford the huge vet bills or in some cases just don't feel the puppy they purchased  for a few hundred dollars just isn't worth the huge continuous vet bills for these poor puppies that didn't ask to be born. 

The example I've just displayed is just one of the many problems that get dumped on loving families laps when buying a puppy from those that breed to add to their income. Researching the breed is very important. There are many show breeders that love their Pugs, and do all that is needed to reproduce Healthy, Sound Puppies in hopes of putting their next show puppy in the ring and find the best forever loving homes for those that they don't keep. After all we can't keep and show every puppy so we do what we can to place them in the right homes.

Yes you can pay between $1500/$1800 and up for a Well Bred, Healthy Puppy. You will also get a Guarantee of 5 years or more. Several breeders including myself will give a Life Time Guarantee for Life Threatening Genetic Health Issues such as PDE. 

PDE is a condition that will result in death, we as responsible breeders will do our best to breed away from such a disease. Most poorly bred pugs do come down with PDE a condition that their is NO cure for.  As the old saying goes, " You Get What You Pay For "

When you purchase a puppy out of the news paper, or from someone that needs to supplement their income (BYB) etc. watch for signs such as over size, aggression,  skin conditions, allergic reactions,seizures, out of the ordinary chewing , constant licking, constant barking and bad eye conditions, all around just bad behavior and sudden illnesses  these are just SOME of the results of  backyard breeding. In plain English when you buy a cheap dog you become your vets cash cow.  Many people don't understand how much  time, study, money, hours of sleepless nights and endless love it takes to carefully breed for health, temperament, soundness and beauty until they experience what it is to get ripped off, their pockets robbed and their heart broken. 


Research the breed and find a responsible breeder, Avoid getting RIPPED Off and your HEART BROKEN. 



​Bred for Health, Temperament, Soundness, Movement and Beauty .
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